For our Homelink-Friends!

Do you visually want to know who we are and where we live? OK, then you have to look below.

Hello, I´m the boss of the kin and my name is Tilman.

My name is Ulrike and I´m the mother of  the following kids.

That´s Lisa, our first daughter. She is born in Oktober 1991.

And here´s our first son, Julius, born in May 1993.

Johanna is born in March 1996 and she is a very independent character.

Magnus is all peoples darling. He was born in December, 25th 1997.

And now last but not least:

... our tomcat Mogli. It is the only one, which is always in holidays.

Where do you´ll be on exchange, if you come to Urbach?

front of our house             We live in a semi-detached house. In our street children have the right of way and the right to play.

backside of our house         The weather in the "Remstal" is nearly always very fine. This is the foto from the backside of the house and the secluded garden. You will live on three floors. On the garden-floor there are two sleepingrooms, the office, one bathroom, the laundryroom and the pantry. In the basement you´ll find the kitchen, the livingroom, a guest-toilette and a guest-room. On the first floor there are two rooms for two children and the parentsroom, furthermore a familiy-bathroom.

With this link you`ll find pictures from the inside of our house. Thank you for your visit.